Friday, 2 March 2012

Students' Work for City & Guilds Embroidery

I have been doing some assessing this afternoon.........
Lots of lovely work has been designed and made by the students since September. The first section that I have been looking at is work based on research into COLOUR. All the students looked at colour theory and how artists and designers have used colour before following their own investigations and experiments using the theme of CONFECTIONARY. Many observations, extractions and abstractions later they all produced an A2 design sheet in mixed media. They all then produced major samples based on a variety of machine and hand embroidery techniques which they combined in order to manipulate their fabrics and extend their previous expectations of stitch. Some of the students coloured their own fabrics before stitching into them.
I put all the work on display in the studio as pieces were finished and it made a fantastic 'collage' of surfaces. These are photos that I took of that display but they look as though they could be designs in themselves. Well done everyone!

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